HoldYou Foundation provides support to families experiencing financial hardship as a result of their child’s diagnosis with a life-threatening illness or injury. HoldYou assists families with children in treatment who are under 18 years old.  

Our programs are tailored to meet the urgent and specific basic needs of each family.  Our Family Assistance Program can help with the following expenses:

  • Rent/Mortgage Payments

  • Utilities

  • Groceries

  • Gas

  • Child Care

  • Transportation

  • Insurance Premiums

HoldYou Foundation accepts applications from families who have been vetted and referred by Pediatric Social Workers at our partner hospitals. For more information or assistance, please have your Pediatric Social Worker contact us at info@holdyou.org.


"HoldYou Foundation helps decrease the worry and preoccupation that parents experience regarding how they will keep their bills paid and cope with higher expenses.  When parents are less anxious about making their rent or mortgage payments or affording their medication, they can be more attentive to their ill child." - Nancy Hayes, MSW, LCSW, Manager Care Coordination, Clinical Social Work, Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA  

"Because of your generous support, my patient's mother was able to continue to care for her child while in the hospital & her family remains in their apartment & have not had to experience additional stressors beyond coping with my patient's medical crisis." - Los Angeles Medical Social Worker

"It is an incredible gift to have a foundation like HoldYou with such a big heart & donors like you that allow our families to concentrate on caring for their child when they are going through some of he most challenging days, weeks, & months of their lives."  - Medical Social Worker

"Thank you HoldYou Foundation for the work that you do. Your generosity and thoughtfulness makes an enormous difference and impact in families' lives." - Los Angeles Pediatric Social Worker


My family and I are grateful for the help your organization has given us. In a stressful situation you tend to lose faith, but when acts of kindness like the one you have offered us come across it brings you back to reality and restores that lost faith. May your organization be blessed and to continue to have the means to help others in need. THANK YOU!!!!

Jonathan, Claudia and Blanca

From the bottom of our hearts we want to say Thank You for your help. Little Alan still has some challenges to overcome and thankfully he is going in the right direction. Once again, thank you for your generosity.

The Ramirez Family

We just want to say thank you so much for the food card! We really needed the help and can't believe you were so gracious as to provide. Again, thank you so much. I can't express what a huge help it has been!!  Hopefully, one day we will be able to help another family in this way as well--what you do is amazing.

Thanks again!

Hendricks Family